Property Management

Responsive service / proactive thinking

Brand Real Estate Services’ property managers anticipate the unexpected and implement solutions quickly so that assets operate efficiently and deliver income as expected. Among the hallmarks of our property management capabilities are:

Proactive maintenance:

Our property managers and engineers have both the technical knowledge and the experience to know what to expect from a building’s systems, which means avoiding expensive surprises and preventing disruptions.

Judicious expense control:

An efficient building benefits everyone. Brand Real Estate Services’ management teams pursue savings in a variety of ways, including reduced energy consumption, competitive vendor contracts and prudent maintenance schedules.

Attentive tenant relations:

Because tenants are the foundation of a property’s value, we work hard to build long-term relationships while providing productive, predictable environments that make tenants want to stay.

Transparent accounting and reporting:

Brand Real Estate Services’ robust accounting systems can satisfy any institutional owner’s reporting requirements, and our managers are always accessible to provide the context behind the numbers.