The Value of Perspective

We bring the power of perspective, and that creates value.  Brand’s fresh-eyes approach to commercial real estate services improves your bottom line. We view assets not only for what they are, but more importantly, for what they could become—through implementing unique perspectives.

We think like owners, managers, brokers, tenants and engage with a property like visitors.  We evaluate from all perspectives and ask hard questions about an asset.  This fresh eye approach enables us to see clearly into property potential, and our experience delivers objective-driven value for our clients.

With Brand, owners receive high-level strategy by industry experts and practical execution from experienced property professionals.  We maximize value through proactive management, purposeful leasing, keen stewardship and quality redevelopment.  Let Brand be the fresh eyes you need to add value to your assets. You can’t afford not to. 

Streamline Processes

Communicate Clearly and Consistently

Lease with Purpose

Prioritize and Execute Capital Improvements

Solve Persistent Problems

Apply Market Knowledge

Practice Persistence

Employ Keen Stewardship

Foster Relationships

  • All
  • Executive
  • Leasing/Brokerage
  • Property Management
  • Advisory


Deep-rooted stability / multifaceted growth

A generation of property owners and tenants has looked to Brand Real Estate Services for dependable real estate service. With this legacy as the bedrock, we are poised to continue our tradition of success.

1959: Scott Hudgens founds Scott Hudgens Realty and Mortgage Company

1972: Scott Hudgens founds Scott Hudgens Companies

1970s: Tom Wheeler joins Scott Hudgens Companies and joins Mr. Hudgens in various real estate ventures, including Howell Station, a 1,600 acre mixed use development in Duluth, GA

1980s: Major projects include Town Center Mall, Gwinnett Place Mall, Valdosta Mall, Glynn Place Mall, and Lakeshore Mall

1980: Tom Wheeler becomes President of Scott Hudgens Companies

1983: Tom Wheeler joins Scott Hudgens as co-owner of Hudgens Management Company

1986: Tom Kolb joins Hudgens Management Company

1992: Tom Kolb and Tom Wheeler acquire Hudgens Management Company, re-names the firm Wheeler/Kolb Management Company

2010: Upon retirement of Tom Kolb, Brand Morgan joins ownership structure of firm, now named Wheeler/Brand Management Company

2014: Scott Meadows becomes only the second President in the company’s history and hires industry veterans in leasing and management to support its growth strategy

2016: The firm is now named Brand Real Estate Services to reflect its full scope of service

2020:  Merger with Genesis Real Estate Advisers


Steadfast principles / innovative approach

Brand Real Estate Services’ core business is service to the commercial real estate industry. We believe the quality of the results we deliver to our customers is the single greatest driver of our future success. Because of this, we serve our clients, tenants, employees and industry according to six core values.


A steadfast commitment to principle is the cornerstone of our business.


We establish solid relationships with a focus on long-term results.


Our clients entrust us with their assets, and we align ourselves to their goals.


We challenge ourselves with new ideas and processes to grow in creating value.


Our people achieve extraordinary results by directing their individual efforts toward a common vision.


Our people celebrate each other’s successes and enjoy working together.