Landlord Leasing

Intricate market knowledge / strategic perspective

Attitude and experience differentiate Brand Real Estate Services’ leasing representatives, who know the intricacies of the marketplace and the strategies that work best to serve it. Our landlord leasing offering demonstrates it worth through:

Client focus:

Brand Real Estate Services’ leasing representatives set asset-appropriate targets because they listen—really listen—to clients’ goals.

Strategic perspective:

Our landlord reps understand that each asset has a role to play in both its local market and its owner’s portfolio.

Proactive pursuit:

We don’t wait for the phone to ring in hopes for a solid prospect. We proactively seek qualified tenants through a variety of outward marketing initiatives.

Detailed market familiarity:

With a thorough knowledge of leasing trends and market activity, our representatives serve to an asset’s strengths.

Relational depth:

Our reputation for treating tenants and their representatives as partners leads to long-term relationships that generate mutual value.